Saturday, July 23, 2011

We got tile!

Husband and I have been on a mad shopping spree this past week trying to acquire the last big ticket items to finish up the main projects as much as possible (aka master bathroom and the guest bedroom).

Originally we'd mused about using black penny tile for our master bathroom. Small mosaic tile floors are historically accurate tile choices for bathrooms in houses like the Ugly Duckling and we really really like them. Using black rather than the historic white would have given it a slight contemporary twist and of course provided a fantastic backdrop for my lovely lovely clawfoot tub.

[via Pinterest]

Sharp looking, isn't it? We held on to that idea until one day when we're nosing through the box store and discovered a huge 18x18 dark grey tile named "Fume". We were smitten (and not only because it reminded me of a childhood cartoon about a little Dragon "Grisu" who wants to become a firefighter ... his Dad's name is Fume)

[source: Lowes]

Lovely ...and a lot more budget-friendly which is always appreciated. We were -this- close to putting in our order for a whole truckload of "Fume" when we walked past the vintage mosaic tile again, and all our well-formulated plans went out the window again.

[The winner!]

Love. It.
The contrast between the glossy black tiles and matte white tiles tickles me pink. This weekend, the tile will be going in so I really need to get started on sprucing up the vanity ... and we need a mirror. And towel rings and and and ...

Does the shopping ever end?

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  1. I like the first idea of using black penny tiles for your master bathroom. But I agree with you, the combination of glossy black tiles and white matte tiles is beautiful! It can also give the room the cotemporary twist you like, and add a bit of sophistication to it. Good thing you came back to check out the vintage mosaic tile again and saw it. I think it is a much better choice than the penny tile and the Fume.