Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One (wall) down, three more to go

No, no! No more demolition! I swear!

Husband and his sidekick Little Man who is now a self-professed "Master" at power sanding finished the first wall of open shelving in our library.

While I'm not the greatest fan of this shelf solution preferring chunky built-ins all trimmed out and of glamorous old world charm (which would have left enough room for the beautiful wallpaper border ...alas, it wasn't meant to be), this is starting to grow on me.

[After: Wall o'shelves and cabinet in place]

We opted to use the studs in the center for the shelf brackets rather than spreading them out; this way they look actually centered on the wall whereas following them to the outside of the shelves would have made them look out of balance in relation to the shelves.

Husband insists on using the Dewy-Decimal system to sort our books thus (and since we have a metric ton of books to begin with) they are lined up neat and tight with no spare room for neat decorative touches. It's a man's world, baby! No room for frills!

Thanks to the double feature of the wall you are also getting a sneak peek of tomorrow's post on the wall cabinet turned dresser! Wheee!

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