Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prime Time

When we last saw our future dressing room it was all mudded and sanded. See here

[In-progress: drywall finished]

It's like "tone on tone" cow print! What it needed next was a coat of primer or else you'll get an effect referred to as "flashing". That's an obvious difference in the finish of a paint which is usually the most obvious when you look at it from an angle. So, out came the primer!

[More in-progress: All primed and ready for the big adventure]

There! All done - primed and prepped for the next step. It's amazing how much brighter the room looks with a fresh clean coat of white primer instead of the dingy dirty cream that used to be on the walls.

As you can see the windows are not original. One day we might find out exactly when that area was enclosed/ added on but these windows are fairly recent additions (as in, 20-30 year recent). I refer to them, lovingly of course, as "chicken coop" windows. Once painted they seemed to float in mid-air so I grabbed the bucket with "Industrial Gray" and visually grounded them by painting the window sills in a medium-dark shade of gray. It adds an interesting industrial twist to our dressing room and I'm liking it quite a bit. Now the question is how to tie this to our sweet country style bedroom and vintage bath ...hmmmm.

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