Saturday, March 19, 2011

More door

If the entry about our red door was all about lipstick chic, this is a post about mascara and eye shadow. While the current exterior color isn't my favorite, there's nothing really wrong with it.

It's a very light subtle grey-blue, but unfortunately it's offset against this dingy dirty dark grey blue. And God help me, that annoys me just a little bit. Fortunately it's nothing a little paint and ellbow grease can't fix!

[Before: Original entry door with sidelights. Notice the drab
blue color on the frame]

Out came wood filler, caulk and primer and turned the door into this ...

[Half primed - can you see how much fresher it looks?]

After the primer had dried, I started painting the inside of the frames with the same warm dark grey paint that we've used for the cap stones already. It's always funny (and slightly disconcerting) how it looks almost brown when it goes on ...

[After: Look! detail, contrast ...ahhh, so much better!]

Better. Not perfect yet but getting better bit by bit. There's for one that yellowed mini blind in the center that's ... yeah, not pretty. And since the transom window is missing the top part could use some beefing up with trim. Ahh, the list of projects - it never shrinks!


  1. You guys have done an astounding amount of work on your ungly duckling, you must be exhausted. The work you have done so far is beautif. Transforming you ugly duckling into a swan one day and one nail at a time!

  2. It wouldn't have been possible without our general contractor and their crew! We are so blessed to have them and they are working hard :o) Thank you for your compliments. It warms our hearts to know that others are as excited for our Ugly Duckling as we are.