Friday, June 10, 2011


When we last left the Master bedroom, things looked cleaner (freshly painted window trim) and more finished but still a ways from being completed.

[Another not-staged photo. Yes, that's a can of paint on

my night stand. What? You don't keep it there? Weird ...]

One day, while shopping at a local department store, I ended up in their fabric department. It's a far cry from what it used to be after years of downsizing and changing to more of a quilter's corner than a general fabric aisle but I simply like fabric and you never know what you'll find, right?

Ready to call it a day and hit the cash register, I spied this at the last moment peeking out from underneath the $1.50/yard fabric.


A simple and sweet white fabric with tealy blue dots woven into rows. This might be just right for our bedroom windows. I hmmm-ed and haw-ed over it for a bit, especially after finding out there were only a mere 11 yards left on the bolt. That meant that in order to have enough fabric for 2 panels for 3 windows I'd have to cut the bult in half lengthwise. Well, to make a long story short, I grabbed the bolt and brought it home.

After a quick stop at "Fred's" (which is sort of like a Big Lots) where I discovered oil rubbed bronze curtain rods for a whopping $6 each and a quick stop at the blue box to pick up some curtain clip rings ($4.95 for 14 small ones), I went home and whipped up some quick curtains. I did not hem the selvage edge - the little fuzzy fringe tickles me pink every time I see it!

[Close up and personal]

There you go - it's amazing how curtains make a room look and feel much more of an actual room and so much more civilized! I'm still planning on installing matchstick shades or similar wooden shades - not so much for privacy since we're "up in the trees" and have no concerns in that regard but to add some texture and to finish the look.


  1. Ooh... I love the wainscotting! And your curtains look wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. The batten and board turned out exactly the way I'd hoped and it wasn't difficult at all! It's addictive - I want to do it in some other rooms as well *L* The curtains were a really lucky find. I love waking up to them in the morning :o)