Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love at first sight

My name is Micha and I'm a member of Antiques Anonymous. Vintage furniture and household items have always held a great fascination for me, and it's been a hard habit to break. Marrying a dashing writer who collects vintage typewriters and loves tweed hats as well as buying an almost 100 year old house in a historic neighborhood cannot be recommended as a cure.

It don't work, man :o)

So I'm sticking with my bad habit and playing it up a notch by introducing our latest lucky find aka the bathroom vanity!

[Another bad habit: I hardly ever stage photos]

I discovered this lovely lovely Drexel kneehole desk at a local thriftstore and went into an ecstatic seizure the moment I spotted it.
The curvy front!
The ring pull hardware!
The detail!

[Lovely vintage brass ring pulls and carved detail]

[Beautiful decorative detail on center drawer]

I called the husband who promised me to check it out with me the next day (we have this agreement that bigger items need spousal approval to make sure we both love it; for smaller things I reign supreme and so far there're no complaints from the husband). I was hopeful it'd still be there the next day and 'lo and behold, it still was, along with it's $50 pricetag and an extra sticker that said it was now 25% discounted!

Cue: Fireworks!

Needless to say that the husband loved it just as much (albeit a bit more dignified) and this lovely baby went home with us. (It's amazing what you can strap to the roof of the Jeep, seriously!).

Finding the right piece of furniture for a one of a kind vanity with vintage flair took the better of 6 months. Most -dressers- are too tall and too narrow; if you've just started looking, skip the dressers and look for credenzas, buffets, servers and writing desks instead. Good luck!

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  1. Ah! I just found almost the same exact desk too at a local thrift store for $42! I seriously went into panic mode when I saw it... like someone was going to snatch it and run before I could pay for it. I then persuaded the nice young men that worked there to stuff it in my car in my best broken Spanish since they spoke no English. I'm sure the other workers were thoroughly entertained :) It's missing one handle and the finish is in rough shape but I love it! I'm going to use mine as my sewing table.