Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featuring Historic Springfield

[Greetings from beautiful Springfield! source:]

While we're packing and moving and posts about projects are very likely to slow down I've been thinking about what possible entries to post in the near future.

Gradually the nature of our online diary will change: less major building/remodeling posts, more decorating and moving in updates (although I have no plans to turn this blog into a regular home decorating blog at this point. There are so many talented bloggers out there, I don't think I have much to add to that).

What I do enjoy and find the most rewarding is encouraging people to try a historic home, if not in Historic Springfield then perhaps in another historic neighborhood. And I would really really love to feature other "Ugly Ducklings" turned "Swan" to show how beautifully these grand old ladies clean up and make fabulous homes for you and your family.

So, dear Springfielders, I'm looking for volunteers who would like to see their historic Springfield home 'crashed' and featured on the "Little Old House" blog.

Drop me a line! Come on, you know you want to!

Reach out and inspire others!

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