Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's an octopus in my wall!!

While we're waiting for the floors to dry I decided to poke through my many picture files to see if I could dig up something post-worthy. That's when I discovered I'd never really written about what was going on electricity-wise at the ugly Duckling. Regarding the timeline this was probably the most drawn out process. Since the Ugly Duckling had been vacant for so long, we had to have a safety inspection first before the electricity could be turned back on. That required that our electrician came in and made sure all outlets were covered and no bare light bulb anywhere to be seen (which explains for our ecclectic collection of inexpensive boob light fixtures and globes). The two main electricity projects were a) bringing our house from 2 meters (for a duplex) to 1 meter (for a single-family-home) and b) flipping the main electric panel around so it faced the laundry room instead of into the kitchen. Then everything had to be checked for safety, rewired if necessary and outlets added (outside, bathroom, etc). We also removed the last bits of knob and tube wiring we discovered.
For a while our upstairs sub-panel looked like this

[Say "Hello" to Cthulhu]

No, really, it did!

[In-progress: Crazy wire stuff going on]

Maybe it's not green and it wasn't slimy but it sure did look like there was an elder demon or at least a confused octopus hiding in our wall.
[In-progress: the octopus is now contained in a sub-panel]

After a while things started to normalize and look more like what you'd expect to find in a house. The drywall has been repaired and all that's left to do is to knock out some knock-down texture to match the rest of the wall and to paint it.

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