Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stow a-way!

It's once more back to the upstairs bathroom. You know the one that's always teetering on the border between "done" and "almost done". Yes, that one. The neat vintage pedestal sink is now installed and fortunately the existing faucets turned out to be functional and non-dripping to boot (although I -am- eyeing a scrumptious pair of double faucets on Vintage tub and bath to replace them with). That makes it a fully functional bathroom with sink, toilet and tub! Hurray! Now it's on to organizing and cleaning. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture of the bathroom closet. I think it's possibly visible in some of the before shots but either way, it's a deep and narrow closet tucked between tub and door. Hinge remnants hint at the former existance of a closet door which is now missing. That's okay. It'll take a while until we've decided if we want a door or just hang curtains to cover the potentially amassing bathroom clutter in that space. When I started painting the bathroom I removed the existing shelf boards. They were unbelievably filthy and beat up, not to mention featuring layers of peeling paint. For a while I was contemplating reusing them but after a trip to the local reStore this past weekend I decided to support charity, go easy on my nerves and time and picked up a couple of white MDF shelf boards. Back at the Darling Duckling I measured, taped along the cutting line to limit the amount of damage to the finish and cut the shelf boards to size. 20 minutes later the closet space looked like this:

[After: shelves and baskets]

Voila - a clsoet ready to be filled with assorted bathroom related stuff. There's even room for hooks on either side in front of the shelves for hooks to hang a bathrobe or two. One project checked off, now onto the next!

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