Monday, April 11, 2011

Griswold and friend(s)

Remember Griswold?

Griswold is our mailbox, a ca. 1920s cast-iron mailbox from Pennsylvania. You can read more about him in this entry from February.

[Before: Griswold and his old digs]

Since we're keeping our original entry door in its non-original location, using the smaller entrance door formerly leading to the upstairs apartment as our actual entrance for now until our budget has recovered, we had to make sure to send the right signal. Mail, numbers, light, even paint - they all had to point to the smaller of our front doors to signalize that that is indeed the door we want you to use when you're coming to visit us.

We painted the door Valspar historic red, added a light, moved Griswold over and painted the house numbers black (for now; we're still undecided which style of house number plaque we want)

[After: Meet Griswold and friends]

Since we do have the luxury of an actual door bell - don't laugh; we've been living without one for the past 6 years - I went of in search of a button that'd be good company for our vintage mailbox. That shabby plastic door bell button just wouldn't do. Van Dyke's Restorers to the rescue. Among their fun Victorian twist bell buttons I discovered this fun button. It even comes with instructions, in case you've been sans door bell for as long as we have and need a pointer on how to use it:

[Close-up: door bell button]

So there you have it: Griswold and friends. They do get along well and look great together. And we're tickled pink by their vintage quirkiness and character!

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