Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Standing outside

This is what it looks like when you're standing outside peeking through the window into the entryhall (antechamber, vestibule) :

[Floor refinishing in progress]

Currently we're polyurethane-d out of our house and from our projects. It really puts a cramp into your style when downstairs hall, stairs and upstairs hall are off limits. So, here we are, pressing our noses flat against the window like a kid in front of the candy store.

[Peeking through the door]

The stain took surprisingly long to dry this time but finally, after waiting an entire weekend, the first coat of poly was applied on Monday. With a little bit of luck, we should be able to go back to painting and finishing up a few projects by the end of the week. Good thing because we're starting to show signs of cold turkey like a good ol' junky.

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