Friday, April 1, 2011

Sink with a view

Time for another kitchen update from the Ugly Duckling! It's been a couple of days since the last sneak peek into the heart of the home and work has been progressing at an impressive rate. Our Ikea kitchen is performing like a champ - those smart adjustable legs for each cabinet are a real blessing in any old home allowing you to adjust for dips, divots and slopes in your vintage floors much more easily than with most other kitchen cabinets. Even so, it took a lot of finagling on Joe's and Phil's part to install the base cabinets level and straight.

The first cabinets are in! There's the humongous corner cabinet with the lazy Susan (no relations with my lovely sister-in-law), a couple of really smart drawer cabinets with soft-close hinges that make you go "Laaaa" everytime you push them close and the big gap for the stove to the right.

The finagling didn't stop at the base cabinets: it's not like your walls are necessarily 100% straight, level and plumb either even though they look like they are. Thanks to Joe's and Phil's experience and expertise in working with historic homes, the wall cabinets went up and look great! There's plenty of storage since we chose the 39" cabinets going almost all the way to the ceiling and the the two corner cabinets offer an incredible amount of space.

[Ikea Domsjoe sink, medium]

And then the sink went in and the sun came out! My beautiful, beautiful farmhouse sink - doesn't it look fabulous? After seeing our first kitchen plans our contractor took us aside and suggested we think them over. He was worried he'd hate our kitchen layout after a while and suggested we move the sink in front of the window creating a classic and more work-friendly L-shape kitchen.

Yes, we covered the lower part of our window (remember, it's an original window and thus starts crazy low, like 15" above the baseboard) but it's still pretty easy to open it and since it reaches all the way to the ceiling, it let's in a lot of light. I have a sink with a view because I can see our backyard through it, keep an eye on the little man when he's out there playing and sinply see the early morning sun rise over the trees and roofs of Historic Springfield. Life is good!

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