Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brief Intermission

Look what's blooming in our yard!

[Loquat tree at the Ugly Duckling]

This is a Loquat also called Japanese (or Chinese) Plum. It is indeed edible and tastes like a cross between a cherry and an apple. According to our lovely neighbor, Mrs Harriet, it is delicious in pies and as jam. We'll have to try that.

Good thing I didn't have time to move these odd trees. I had dubbed them "Dr Seuss trees" solely based on their looks, not knowing what they were: they have spindly thin branches with poofs of leaves at the end. Kind of like this, you know ...

[Dr Seuss' Truffula trees from "The Lorax"]

All in all there are 5 of them, four in the front and one more in the back (in the most awful and awkward place you could plant a tree). I'm tickled to find such an exotic fruit tree growing in our yard so even though they are of the same awkward beauty as a long-limbed teenager they'll get to stay.

Anybody got a good recipe calling for loquats?

[Update: I think I might try some from this webpage ...]

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