Saturday, April 16, 2011

World's smallest powder room

"A Bathroom so teeny, so tiny,
with just enough room for your hiney"

That'd be our downstairs powder room for you. Well, okay, it's not -that- tiny but it is fairly small and frankly, it's impossible to take pictures of it. I might have to put a ladder in front of the bathroom window and scale it to take better pictures of it.

Breaking through the downstairs walls to open up livingroom and staircase and all the other demolition there was slowly a reluctance to break more stuff building up in me. yes, we could have ripped the existing door out and moved it a foot down the wall but no. Enough dust and debris. Our budget was also grateful that we didn't insist on this change.

This kicked off the quest for a small corner sink which I found at Vintage Tub & Bath along with a beautiful vintage-looking faucet. Here it is finally installed

[World's smallest sink]

[Pretty faucet]

[Happy together]

I'm not too crazy about the exposed plumbing underneath the sink so I'm pondering options on how to make it less obvious. I'm sure I can come up with something. Other than that it really is the cutest sink EVER!

Right around the corner is the toilet centered on the wall opposite the window. The window is fantastic since it lets in a great amount of light which really brightens the room. Removing the big honking cabinet above the toilet opened up a huge amount of space and now nobody will have to worry about ending up dead, buried underneath a heavy cabinet, with their pants down.

So what are our plans for this downstairs powder room for now? Nothing outrageous for the time being - since it features the same beige-y speckled tile like the upstairs bathroom we are going to paint the walls "Cloudy Morning" as well. This very light, cool blue-grey works so well with the tile and will tie in with our downstairs color scheme just fine. No need to play paint roulette again. We need a mirror and are thinking about installing a glass shelf above the toilet. Some art, fresh towels and a basket full of toilet tissue and we're all set.

More on that later once we enter the decorating stage for real.

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