Friday, April 22, 2011

Must-do List

Here's our immediate to-do list for the Ugly Duckling so we can finalize our transition from rental into our own house. I get tired and achey just reading it - argh! So many projects, so little time!

Oh, well, no rest for the wicked

  1. finish painting stairs [in-progress: one half is painted]

  2. finish painting hallway [Done!]

  3. finish painting living room [Done!]

  4. finish painting Master bedroom

  5. open up fireplace [Done!]

  6. install locks [In-progress]

  7. install stair handrail [In-progress]

  8. patch around new outlet in hall bathroom [Done!]

  9. touch up paint in hall bathroom [Done!]

  10. touch up paint in kitchen [Done!]

  11. paint downstairs' half bath [Done!]

  12. scrub downstairs' half bath

  13. apply last coat of Waterlox on kitchen counters [Done!]

  14. wipe down kitchen [Done!]

  15. install cabinet knobs [Scary project. I mean, it requires drilling holes into my pretty pretty cabinet doors! Ack! Knobs and tools are in place, now we just need to find the courage to do it]

  16. lay floor in laundry room [In-progress: Flooring is ordered and scheduled to arrive next Wednesday]

  17. paint laundry room [Done!]

  18. install wall cabinets in laundry room

  19. install shelves in the hall closet

  20. sand and paint floor in dressing room

  21. build and install shelving in dressing room

  22. paint dressing room

  23. scrape old paint off of trim all over the house

After that the fun continues with the painting gobs of trim all over the house, laying first cement board and then tile in the Master bathroom and finally installing all bathroom fixtures in the Master bathroom as well. Once that's out of the way we can then turn our attention to the outside of our darling house: the fence, re-caulking windows, painting and landscaping.

Thud -

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