Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Packing up

About time, eh?

With the (major) work slowly but surely coming to an end at the Ugly Duckling, we're ramping up the preparations for our impending doom ....err, move.

Good thing we're newspaper people; our newspaper subscription saved us from having to find a source for wrapping and cushioning material simply by saving the daily paper after we were done reading it. We don't need no stinkin' bubble wrap! We got paper like there's no tomorrow!

Having moved our extensive personal library once (we're just a leeettle bit over 1500 books ... all scanned, cataloged and Dewey-Decimal-ed into our book shelves) we know the value of sturdy, not too large cardboard boxes. Your best source for those is the liquor store around the corner. Shakespeare and cohorts will be traveling the 6 city blocks to our new home safely packed into Vodka and Whiskey boxes. Oh, and we tag our boxes, of course, to make sure where they belong.

There's no real method to the madness when it comes to moving for us. We've been sorting and de-cluttering for the past couple of weeks to make sure we don't move too much unwanted crap that's accumulated over the past 6 years of living in our historic rental but we're nothing but laid back and so there's still plenty left to pack.

This coming weekend we'll be U-hauling a lot of the software aka 'stuff' over to our new digs followed by a brief stint of an actual moving company dealing with the heavy hardware aka heavy furniture and appliances a few days later.

And then we will finally get to deal with those funny "First Night Jitters", just like Brandt and Ashley over at "New House on the Blog"


  1. We were struggling to find boxes, especially sturdy ones to pack up our books, which, while less than yours, still took up a big amount of space. We went to the local grocer out here and asked for Banana boxes, and while they were sturdy, I think that Wine boxes would have been much much better.

    And get ready for those first night jitters! They'll get ya!!!!

  2. Liquor stores are great for finding a wealth of sturdy boxes for books. Even packed to the brim you're still able to lift them since they are a comfortable size -and- have handles to boot!

    I'm sure they will *grins* I'm this close to bouncing off the walls ;o)